Roadworx is accredited to AS/NZS 48001.

The environmental section of our Management System is designed to allow for environmental aspects and impacts to be identified early.

While each project we undertake differs slightly, we undertake a Job Safety Analysis to identify areas of risk and to accommodate the individuality of each project. Roadworx conducts an assessment of any activity which may impact the environment (positive or negative). This includes all aspects from workshops, maintenance facilities, on-site construction and the office areas.

It is used to control any potential adverse environmental impacts that may arise from the provision of our services. They also detail the safeguards required on any specific site and describe how they will be implemented. Typical areas covered and which may involve control measures include:

• Environmentally sensitive areas
• Cultural heritage
• Vegetation
• Flora and Fauna
• Noise
• Vibration
• Dust suppression/air quality
• Water quality/erosion/sedimentation control
• Storage and handling of hazardous goods and fuels
• Disposal of waste
• Water – surface – contamination
• Land contamination
• Lighting
• Site clean-up

Roadworx’s Environmental Management Policy is part of the company’s Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Impact and Safeguards Manuals.