About Us
Roadworx Group is a multi-divisional infrastructure Contractor wth over 180 employees and a fleet of more than 150 pieces of plant & equipment. Though still a young company, our senior managers have extensive knowledge of the industry, along with boundless respect for its people and our growing range of capabilities. By applying traditional family values, competitive business practices, modern manufacturing techniques and infrastructure expertise. Roadworx has recently become one the fastest growing Mid-Tier Contractors in New South Wales.

As a service business, our success is dependent on the quality of the service we deliver. Strength of leadership and our people's skills and motivation are therefore crucial to our performance. Our teams are well trained and professional. They are passionate about asset management and understand the important job they are doing in maintaining vital infrastructure assets and delivering long-term results for the local community.

We employ senior management and admin to run the offices, mechanics to maintain our plant, drivers to float our plant from site to site, labour to complete contractual works, engineers for quality assurance, plant operators to run our fleet of specialised machines, projects managers to run and cost our projects and Operational managers to allocate, program, liaise and organize works with safety and the environmental measures in mind.