Roadworx believes investing in modern technology is essential to providing our clients with a premium solution which is reliable and consistent. Our modern, quiet and reliable fleet of Wirtgen profiling machines range from 0.5 metre to 2 metres in width.

Types of Service
Servicing our customers is a high priority for us. So in line with that philosophy, all of our Profilers come with experienced operators. Roadworx can also provide the transport necessary to deliver and remove the profiler and the profiled materials with an extensive truck fleet, as well as provide an integrated package to re-sheet the road surface by utilising our fleet of asphalt paving and compaction equipment.


Our Wirtgen W210 Profiler is an Australian first to have enclosed robotic cabin built into the profiler


Micromiling is becoming more important nowadays as maintaining our road networks need constant upkeep. Our machines with micro-milling drums have the capability to prepare the existing surface for all new applications. The drums used have a tighter tolerance of spacing (5mm) rather than 15mm from a standard drum. Ideal for pavement restoration, overlay and surface treatments.

Such as:

  • Surface/Friction Course Removal
  • Correctional Work
  • Faulted Concrete Correction
  • Temporary Driving Surface
  • Preparation for Street Pavements
  • Improvements in Ride Smoothness
  • Can Enhance Pavement Life Cycle
  • Reduction in Material and Construction Costs
  • Safer Driving Surface
  • Reduction in RAP
  • Better Bonding Surface
  • And Can Lead to Significant Cost Savings