The asphalt plant is capable of producing a wide range of asphaltic products, ranging from conventional mixes, to more specialised mixes such as Open Grade or Stone Mastic Asphalt. The facility is also capable of introducing a wide range of additives such as fibres, rubber material, glass, binder additives and many others; this provides great scope in the possible specialty products which can be manufactured.

The materials used are sourced from local suppliers which conduct quality assurance testing and comply with relevant RMS requirements. Conventional emulsions are maintained on site, and our modern bitumen tanks have the capacity to provide different binders for customer projects.

Facility Operations

  • Flexible supply systems
  • Customised supply systems to ensure flexible operation, including pumping from one tank to another and uninterrupted production during filling.
  • Safe filling
  • Automatic filling station with safety switch-off feature. Maximum safety for people and machines when handling hot binding agents.
  • Individual sampling points, stirring units, solutions for special bitumen, plants to modify binders ... the possibilities are limitless.
  • Control systems
  • Intelligent control systems ensure simple operation as well as comprehensive recording of all operating data – a crucial aid to planning the production capacities for the bitumen tank storage facility.