Flexible Pavement
Roadworx asphalt paving specialises in quality asphalt paving. We have more than 20 years of experience in construction, repairs and maintenance. Roadworx operates a modern and growing fleet of major Plant & Equipment, with a current cost base in excess of $20 million and over 65% of items less than five years old. Total major plant operated by Roadworx is in excess of 150 items, providing capability to service our clients with quality equipment.

With many decades of experience in asphalt construction, maintenance and repairs works. Includes roadworks, subdivisions, footpaths, industrial areas, asphalt overlays and repairs, road widening's and everything in-between. Our combination of quality products, the latest plant equipment, well trained staff and industry experience, enable us to consistently provide our clients with a reliable and quality service.




Programmed Maintenance
Roadworx holds and participates in a range of multi-year maintenance contracts delivering routine and programmed maintenance projects for RMS and RMS affiliated stewards, NSW councils and government agencies.






Highway Upkeep
Our Highway networks are important to all areas of commerce, logistics, commuting, holidays and connecting us to our loved ones. Just as other infrastructure needs to be maintained, it is critical for both metro and country highways to have constant upkeep. 

Our modern fleet of asphalt paving plant, shuttle buggies, profilers, stabilisers, ITS, batch plant, traffic control and experienced staff can provide solutions and programing.