Roadworx has a strong track record of completing civil engineering works on time and on budget. We can provide design review, supply chain management, and execution of construction projects to the public and private sectors. This fully integrated offering provides clients with a cost effective and complete solution. We pride ourselves on engineering excellence and safe work practices. Service delivery, quality of workmanship and keeping to program are essential elements of our business.


Road Upgrades
Roads in our local neighbourhoods require ongoing maintenance and reconstruction works, road widening, subgrade pavements to intersections upgrades and everything in-between. Roadworx are actively assisting RMS, local councils and RMS Stewards to improve such infrastructure assests.

Intersection Upgrades
Intersections around NSW are going through upgrades with both local councils & RMS investing in safer more intelligent signalling. We can provide assistance in Signals, ITS, profiling, new asphalt pavements, hardstand installs, decorative paving or traffic control as part of the upgrades. And if required, Roadworx can add additional works to the project (e.g. such as line marking, fencing, signage).