Road maintenance, repairs, upgrades & reconstruction works require all kinds of minor civil & concrete pavement works. Ranging from minor kerb repairs through to constructing new concrete pavements and everything else in between, Roadworx can manage the works as an individual task or we can incorporate into others works associated with the project.

Concrete Batching
With 7m3 production capacity and having the mobility to optimize solutions for our in-house divisions and for our customers, our Volumetric Concrete truck has great flexibility that aligns with our Vision Statement. All concrete manufactured materials are as per tight specifications not only to council’s requirements but also to RMS standards. Capacity to manufacture all kinds of concrete mixes for commercial, residential and construction use. And for larger projects (sub divisions), we can batch concrete at a larger rate per hour constantly for kerbs, pavements footpaths, plinths  and other hardstand surfaces.

Equipped with on-board computers, sensors and scales, to be able to print ticket options for real time production usage and onsite tracking decisions. These facilities are supplied to the client for versatile customer service and quality assurance.

Concrete Pavement
Concrete footpaths, kerbs, islands and RMS sub pavements require constant upkeep and reconstruction. Roadworx can add these specialized industry skills in with your project. And with our Concrete Batch Truck can also provide concrete to site all to specification. Along our streets and boardwalks our local councils , RMS & RMS affiliated companies require qualified contractors such as Roadworx to maintain their roads and street furniture assets.

Concrete Sales

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