ITS Roadworx

ITS Roadworx is a traffic signal contractor that has been operating throughout NSW for many years for all Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) works. We have vast experience on all types of traffic light installation and specialise in major roadwork contracts with multiple sets of traffic lights for local councils, government departments and private companies for more than 20 years.

ITS Roadworx is RMS prequalified and registered as ‘TSX - Traffic Signals - Open’ for the provision of ITS, enabling us to be self-sufficient on infrastructure contracts.

Our services

  • Supply and installation of new traffic lights
  • Reconstruction of existing traffic lights
  • Design and construction packages for major roadworks
  • Temporary traffic lights for major roadworks projects
  • Traffic light installations on smart poles
  • Traffic lights for car park management and on private roads and properties
  • Supply, installation and upkeep of VMS systems
  • Supply and installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) to monitor and manage services
  • Supply and install street lighting poles
  • Supply and install gantries for traffic signals and ITS


New Installations & Repairs

New Installations

NSW infrastructure works are rapidly expanding with new road intersections added to the existing network constantly. With both RMS and local councils, they rely on Contractors such as Roadworx to install new traffic signals, VMS boards & lights to help keep NSW moving

Upgrades, Maintenance & Repairs

Both minor and major projects require fully qualified Contractors such as Roadworx and our methodology to get the project completed as per RMS requirements. Like all technology it requires servicing and maintenance, and being a fully qualified contractor with TSX prequaifications. Stake holders, Councils, RMS & Stewards of RMS assets engage with us to keep NSW moving forward into the 21st century