Our Culture
Our team is encouraged to take pride in their work and add value through skills development training, innovation and by offering them an environment which is safe and secure.

We achieve this by having a suitably trained, competent and committed workforce who know and understand the company’s objectives and operations of our Management System.

Also, we pride ourselves on excellence and safe work practices. Service delivery, quality and teamwork are essential elements of our business and as always we are committed to keeping the environment safe.

Guided by this, the company has developed a unique, highly-focused and disciplined business culture.


Roadworx People
Our people are our greatest asset. Roadworx management is committed to developing our team and our capabilities. In line with our vision, we are focused on providing an expanded service which meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers and the communities in which we operate, whereby our team can provide solutions as a “full-service” offering. We strive to create an environment that is rewarding, challenging and safe for all our staff.